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HVAC Digital Marketing: The Beginners Guide

It is time to turn up the heat with HVAC Digital Marketing!

I've always heard of HVAC technicians and the average person may use one every couple of years (even though we know it should be once a year). It wasn't until I worked in property management I witnessed a plethora of problems in the HVAC world. From newer units where yearly maintenance had been ignored for the first 5 years to 25+ year old units where the refrigerant can barely be found anymore, I realized that HVAC technicians need better marketing to create a better customer.

What is HVAC Digital Marketing?

It may seem like a simple answer however, it is much more in-depth. HVAC Digital marketing is the process of utilizing several different marketing tools to acquire a client. In the world of HVAC digital marketing, there are a plethora of tools to use and we will discuss what you need to use those tools and the best way to use them. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on residential HVAC or B2C Marketing (Business to Consumer).

Step 1: Know Your Perfect Customer

To execute HVAC digital marketing successfully you must build your perfect customer. You will have to review data in your area to fine-tune your perfect customer. The first thing to consider is your area of service. In residential HVAC you will be targeting homeowners. This chart was built using census data. You can find more region-specific data in the census report as well. An undervalued tactic to find homeowners is partnering with HOAs (Home Owners Association). This will provide a direct homeowner connection while giving a minuscule discount.

Step 2: Find Your Perfect Customer

Now that we know who our customers are we have to know where they are. The great part about the HVAC industry is that your customers are literally everywhere! Google even offers "homeowners" as a targeted demographic in Google Ads!

Step 3: Reach Your Perfect Customer

Now for the final step of HVAC digital marketing: Reach your perfect customer! Now that you know who and where your customers are it is time to go get them! This can be achieved in a variety of ways. The free way is always the best way to start. What does this mean? Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. What this means is to take every opportunity possible to establish yourself as a reputable HVAC service and to make sure that consumers understand the frequency and importance of HVAC maintenance and service.

You’ve done the social media and free techniques and made some profit but now you want more? Time to invest that new profit into Pay-Per-Click Ads. This is how you can specifically target your customers and make sure you stay omnipresent. Pay-per-click ads are the ads you see all over the internet. They pop up on google, on the side of your favorite website, on Facebook, and even on the ads on your phone. This is where Step 2 is the most important. Create individual specialized campaigns for each of your target audiences. You may be tempted to create one big campaign with everyone in it. If you do this you will be wasting money on inefficiency. With specialized targeted campaigns, you will be doing a lot more work monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting campaigns but, you will get the greatest return on your investment.

Ready To Dive Into The Details?

You know what you need to do but you don't know exactly how to do it? First things first let's set up your Facebook business page.

Facebook Set Up

To create your Facebook Business Page you must first have an active Facebook account. Then follow these steps:

1. Click pages then click Create new page

2. Add your Page name. This will be the SAME name that you use everywhere else down to every space.

3. Choose the appropriate category for your page

4. Write your page's bio and click create. In this bio, it is important to keep a very even tone as well as keep it clear and concise.

5. Add your contact information including address, phone number, email address, and your hours.

6. Add all photos. (Profile and Cover Photo) It is important to make sure that your photos are appropriately sized for Facebook so that they stay the correct resolution and don't get stretched or pixelated.

The recommended size for your Facebook profile photo is 720p x 720p.

The recommended size for your Facebook cover photo is 820p x 312p. Facebook will make you crop this photo as it will size differently on mobile and desktop.

7. Edit your action button. Choose what you want your action button to do based on where you want your leads. Choose to send them to your website, call you, or even message you directly on Facebook!

8. Invite all of your friends and colleagues to like your page. The more likes the better!

9. Click done and start posting regularly.

Google Ads Set Up

When you make your Google Ads account it will give you two options to set up: Smart or Expert. Until you have a lot of experience with Google Ads choose the "smart" setup option. In Google Ads, sign in to your existing Google Account or create a new one. Now you are ready to start your first campaign!

  1. Creating your first campaign

a. Select a campaign goal

b. Business website and name (you can use s specialized landing page as well)

c. Ad (This includes your headlines, descriptions, and your phone number)

d. Keyword themes or specific keywords

e. Location settings (sticking to a radius or using specific zip codes works best)

f. Budget (This is your daily budget and may vary each day, Google charges per month)

e. Input all your billing information and finish your Google Ad setup!

After you’ve created your first campaign and set up your account, it can take up to a day for Google to approve your ad so no worries if you don't see it right away!

Want to focus on running your business and have AbnerConnect do your HVAC digital marketing for you? Request a free consultation today!

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