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Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing PPC Marketing

Updated: Feb 23

The U.S. assisted living facility market was valued at USD 87.4 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.48% from 2022 to 2030. In short, the assisted living industry is booming and continuing to do so. We are living longer and need help to do so. So how do we capitalize on this growth and need? Better marketing. Here we will outline 2 marketing strategies for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Strategy 1: Targeting The Resident

Targeting the resident is often the preferred method by almost every product or service that aids the elderly. This does and can work, however often times this is a long haul. The elderly often hold out hope a family member will take them in or that they are fine on their own. The marketing cycle for these patients can last up to several years while they are convinced they need to get help. All of this makes it sound more difficult, however, these customers are extremely easy to target. Over 80% of residents are over the age of 75. How do we make sure that these prospective residents know about us? With Display Ads.

Display Ads give us a massive amount of filters that allow us to put our ads in front of the exact people we need. We already know we can target age. If your facility allows for medicare you can target certain income levels, zip codes, and home ownership statuses to get in front of the right audience. After you narrow down your demographics you can then choose to even choose to target them based on certain articles they read on the web.

Using a mix of search and display ads your goal is to get in front of them no matter where they are so that when the time comes you are the first on their mind.

Strategy 2: Targeting The Family

As we know in this business parents are often encouraged to seek help only after a significant push from a family member. Now we would be targeting their children who are not properly equipped to care for their parents. Here we are talking about 40 to 50 year old adults. Once again we target based on zip codes, income level, and more. However, Google does give you the option to target people with kids. More often than not people with grandchildren are more likely to seek help.

We continue in the same targeting vein by targeting people reading about care for parents and even people who look for legal options to aid their aging parents. The most important thing to convey in these ads is a sense of safety and compassion. Every family member who has someone that moves into a facility is constantly worried about the level of care their loved ones are receiving. It is very important to provide comfort that they are making the right decision at the right facility.

Now that we have reviewed 2 PPC strategies it is time to get on Google and FB Ads and let loose! Remember Ads will always be providing more data allowing you to fine-tune them.

Want to focus on running your business and have AbnerConnect do your digital marketing for you? Request a free consultation today!

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