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3 Myths of Marine Marketing

Updated: Feb 23

The world of marine digital marketing has seen a massive influx of customers since COVID. COVID forced people to stay home and find entertainment within their small group of people who lived with them. Many people pooled together stimulus checks to make purchases that would keep them entertained (and sane) during COVID. One of the purchases they made? Boats. In the Midwest the boat craze reached such a peak that marinas were suddenly trying to double their size to make room. The boating craze got so popular that people were trying to rent slips before even owning a boat!

Myth 1: Boats Are For Retired People

Pre-COVID the opinion was that the majority of consumers that purchased boats were 58 year old men. Since COVID the average boat buying consumer is wildly different. A report released by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in 2021 states that the average age of a first time boater is now 46! Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials share the boat buying market with each generation respectively holding almost one-third of the market.

What does that mean for marine digital marketing? It means that NOW is the time to invest in your marine digital marketing. The average consumer is shifting to more web browsing, more phone usage, and more time seeing ads than ever before! To learn the basics of marine digital marketing read our post here.

Myth 2: Boats Are Only For The Rich

Boats are only for the rich. The more money you have the more likely you are going to spend your extra money on a boat. Right? WRONG. The NMMA reports that 61% of boat owners have a household income of less than $100,000. This is great news when it comes to marine marketing. Families with an income of less than $100,000 per year are almost three times more likely to rely on their smartphone for online access. How does that benefit marine marketing? It means that consumers are giving you the opportunity to advertise to them more now than ever before. With effective advertising campaigns your ads can follow them everywhere they go on their phone! From their favorite news website, their social media apps, their mobile games, and so much more you have more opportunity now than ever to get in front of your customer!

Myth 3: Boating Isn’t That Big of a Market

$23,600,000,000! The boating and fishing industry is a 23.6 Billion dollar industry. With that number continuing to go up and boat owners continue to get younger that can only mean one thing for you. Better business. The marine industry is the highest that it has been in over 13 years. Now is the time to capitalize and take your piece of a multi billion dollar industry. The best way to make the most is by supplementing boat purchases. This can be done by adding accessories and other equipment to boat sales. Just bought a new fishing boat? Why not buy these rods to match your boat? Just bought a new pontoon? How about a Lilypad for the family to float on? The possibilities are endless.

Now What?

We’ve discussed 3 myths of marine marketing and it has made one thing abundantly clear. NOW is the time to invest in marine digital marketing. Build the business you deserve. Contact AbnerConnect for a free consultation today!.

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